Swiss Wood Sheds


Mixed Media on Reclaimed Wood

Signed and Titled on the Back

The Swiss Alps are one of my most favorite places in the world to visit; I’ve been there as a wandering college student, on my honeymoon, with my parents and my husband’s parents, pregnant, and some day soon I hope to travel there with my son.

The Swiss Wood Shed Series is inspired by the many woodsheds sprinkled across the mountainsides of the Swiss Alps. Each original painting in this collection features a reclaimed oak canvas, the perfect rustic background for this simple subject. The hand-painted sheds are sanded, glazed, and burnished to well-worn perfection using traditional hand-finishing techniques, and allowing the texture of the reclaimed wood to shine through as a primary component in each quiet composition.


When I look at these pieces, I can almost hear the sound of cowbells and an alpine horn blowing across the valley. And don’t get me started on the cheese. Or the chocolate. Okay, now I’m hungry.