Gorgeous Reclaimed Wood Art

Heather Roth is a reclaimed wood artist based in Huntington Beach, California. Using hand-built reclaimed wood canvases and traditional hand-finishing techniques, Roth combines her love of woodworking, found vintage objects, and painting into a singular fine art style. In 2010, Roth established Salvage Design Company, the brand under which she creates her 3D work, including hand painted reclaimed wood furniture and decor, which can be viewed at

Hi! My name is Heather. Thanks for visiting my page. I’m a bi-coastal extroverted introvert Libra bibliophile. I am an artist and a reader and a woodworker and a writer and a mother. I love dogs and nature and coffee and the smell of wood smoke at the beach. I collect jadeite dishes and antique drill bits and vintage eggbeaters. I have a hoarding complex specific to old wood-the dirtier the better. I like to paint on it. Here are some of the results.

View Heather’s 3D Work at

Salvage Design Company